Code of Behaviour for Students

Code of Behaviour for Students

Every student of the Institution must endeavour.

  1. To be smart and neatly dressed.
  2. To be polite and well-mannered
  3. Every student shall be in his class room at the time of the commencement of the class. Late comers will not be permitted to the class.
  4. No student is allowed to leave the class room or re-enter without permission of the staff member.
  5. Students should not take part in political activities or agitation of any kind.
  6. Respect the teachers.
  7. Adhere to polytechnic college rules.
  8. Be friendly with other students.
  9. Desire learning.
  10. Be punctual and attend the class regularly.
  11. Participate actively in class room activities.
  12. Maintain notes and records.
  13. Complete assignments on time.
  14. Be honest in taking tests.
  15. Share knowledge, skill and experience with others.
  16. Make optimum use of library and other resources.
  17. Learn inside and outside the polytechnic college.
  18. Participate in Co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.
  19. Seek guidance and counseling.
  20. Develop Leadership skills.
  21. Develop Social skills.
  22. Help to keep the environment clean.
  23. The students must come in neat uniform with ID card compulsorily.
  24. Practice good manners.
  25. Become good citizen of the country.
  26. The students are prohibited from distributing pamphlets and pasting notice inside the premises.
  27. Students should avoid writing on walls and carving names on desk /benches.
  28. Students should never indulge in deliberate destruction of the property of the college.
  29. Students should avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
  30. Smoking or using any kind of intoxicating drugs and liquors is strictly prohibited.
  31. Ragging is banned in the college and anyone indulging in ragging will be punished appropriately which may include expulsion from the college, suspension from the college or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology.
    The punishment may also take the shape of :-
    1. Withholding Scholarships or other benefits.
    2. Debarring from representation in events.
    3. Withholding results.
  32. The mobile phones strictly prohibited inside the college’s. The possession and usage of cell phones by the students in the college premises will be viewed seriously and action will be taken.


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